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“Getting to the top of your field is simple, once you’ve convinced yourself you’ll make it.”

— Linda Mercier, Founder


It was in an ambulance that Linda Mercier changed career directions. During this life altering ride to the hospital, she decided to utilize her success in the world of business to help others. Linda then began to take the steps necessary to become a professional coach for executives, corporate management and entrepreneurs.A peak performer in the corporate world and an award-winning real estate broker for 25 years, Linda has hands-on experience, an MA in psychology, and her Integral Coach Certification.Linda and her husband, Ernie Spencer, own Corps Productions, an all-media publishing company as both a Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE) and a Small Business Enterprise. Linda provides coaching in communications.You can be confident in both the integrity of Mercier Coaching’s process and the results you’ll obtain for three reasons:Linda Mercier’s simple, knowledgeable, compassionate and respectful approach creates the optimum environment in which to experience the breakthroughs you desire.The proven efficacy of Mercier Coaching’s assessment and solution methodologies, which take the complete individual into account. Mercier Coaching uses several types of effective and structured assessment tools. See Results for examples of executives, corporate managers and entrepreneurs who have experienced greater success and happiness in their professional and personal lives with the help of Mercier Coaching.A complimentary, 30-minute initial consultation... We want you to feel comfortable with Mercier Coaching before you spend a dime. Please call to set up your initial consultation.

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